Group Work & Expenses on invoice or estimate report

Hi there,

in my workflow it should be great if some of the work estimates can be combined in one line on an estimate report and later on on the invoice. 


We always estimate how many hours we will work on a project divide over some tasks. The client does not need to know all those detailed tasks. But just see prices for some items.

During the job, we recreated those detailed tasks and record how long we worked on every specific item. In the end we know can compare estimated production time with actual production time. But our invoices are based on the estimated items.

I hope it is a bit clear. The following screenshots should explain better.

Where 1 = the offer

Where 2 = the estimated production time

Where A in the offer = all the items of A in the estimated production time

Further more it would be awesome. If we can have one work item which where we can define an estimated production time and use a running timer to track the actual production time. In this case we do not have to create two working items.







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