Profit calculations

I continue to struggle to deal with having a projects profit be properly calculated both in summaries and the bar graph on the main project summary window.  The change in the most recent update has now removed non-billable items from the profit calculation.  I used the non-billiable category to offset reimbursable expenses not to mentions actual non-billables that do cost me money against my profit.

I'm no longer sure how to manage billable reimbursable expenses that should not be counted toward profit or non-reimbursable expenses that are non-billable and should be counted against profit.

Previously, every time I had a billable reimbursable exspense, the only way for it to not be added to a project's profit was to create a non-billable expense of the same amount so they canceled each other out.  Now I can not seem to do this.  Also, all of my non-billable expenses that should be counted against my profit do not do so.  I'm not sure what the point of a non-billable expense is anymore.

I must be missing something.  

Maybe the best way of dealing with this issue is to just give us a simple check box in the debit/credit dialog if we don't want that amount in profit calculations.


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