Higher view of how to use Studiometry

I've been using Studiometry ever since iBiz closed their doors. One thing I never got the handle on is how to use any such program. I understand all of the tools, and how to use the program - but I'm missing a higher level... protocol I suppose. Lets use a hypothetical scenario.

Prospect client ABC asks me for a new website proposal. I send an email with attached docx that has the work details, payment schedule, and terms. They accept and have to get a deposit from them. I do work, show progress, get a second payment. At the end, I get the final payment.

At some point I create the Client and Project in Studiometry. In the Project I add all the Tasks for the project. I also mirror the tasks as unbillable hourly tasks - so I know how long things will take in the future.

Every time I send an invoice (deposit, interim, final) I create a new project and send an invoice for it. Then I create a new Payment in the original Project.
Once all Tasks are balanced by Payments I mark the Project complete.

I think it's too much work and I'm not doing it correctly.

  • Using separate projects to invoice for Deposit, Interim, Final payments
  • Duplicate Tasks for tracking timed effort vs billing as task items

I've watched videos, read docs, and read forum posts. But haven't caught what I need. Any help is appreciated!


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