Invoice Template issues

Hello... I began with Studiometry on the Mac (user since around Version 11), and had set up my invoice templates after much trial and error, getting them to a point where they were attractive and usable.

I have had to add a Windows machine to my stable and thus am trying out Studiometry Cloud to see how the cross-platform features will work for me.

I managed to get all my data synchronized, but while my Invoice Templates are listed in the Preferences, and all my fields are there (I will wrestle with the font issues later), my PDF backdrops are not showing.

Not to worry, I have them, so I can relink them, right?

Not so much... I can choose new PDF backdrops for each page but they do not appear at all, either in the preview or the invoice template builder.

Any ideas on how to resolve this situation? Otherwise I suppose I will have to continue using my Mac to generate the invoices.

Thank you!


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