Automatic delimited file import

At the moment there is a facility to be able to import delimited files for clients, projects contacts and debit/credits. What is really needed is the ability to be able to drop each of these files info an "import" folder within the Studiometry data folder (similar to MailImport) and for the files to be imported automatically by the application.

In addition there needs to be a way to link the import files to the Client ID and for the import to process the files in the following order: Clients, Contacts, Projects, Debit/Credits so that subsequent file imports can be linked to the already imported files. 

If the application had this then it would allow third-party developers to be able to link other software with Studiometry in a version simply way.

Ideally the application should also have an audit log option under the Windows menu option where the results of automatic imports are stored so that success and failure can be tracked and the reasons why in case an import was to fail. This audit log could also be used for logging other events in Studiometry which could help with complying with GDPR audit requirements.


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