Mail importing stop duplicates

At present Studiometry has a MailImport folder that is where email programs can dump a simple text file and the application will import the file as an Email Log entry. This works great but it does not validate the MailID as unique so it is possible to get duplicate emails being logged. For example if you have a desktop device and a laptop device that both run the application and you have the rule setup to link the email application with Studiometry on both devices then the emails will be imported twice, once on the desktop and once on the laptop if they both access the same email accounts.

The emails will have unique MailID's as these are allocated by the email server and making Studiometry filter on these to only allow non duplicate MailID's would stop this problem.

In cases where the MailID is blank then Studiometry should probably take this as not being a duplicate and import the email as there may be instances where the source application that creates the file does not set the MailID or sets it to blank and Studiometry would still need to import these for compatibility with how it currently works.


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