Studiometry 15.0b1 Beta Download Information

Studiometry 15.0b1 is now available. You can download and install it on your machines to test it out. 


If you're using Studiometry Cloud - 

The beta version will connect to a beta server for Studiometry Cloud. This will keep your beta information separate from your live 14.x data. You have the option of simply moving all of your employees over to the beta version, or testing the two separately. When you first launch the Studiometry 15 beta, it will attempt to connect to the beta server and tell you that your company does not exist there. You'll simply need to set up a beta account by doing the following:

  1. Click OK to close the dialog explaining that your account doesn't exist.
  2. Select Cloud Menu > Disable Studiometry Cloud
  3. Select Cloud Menu > Enable Studiometry Cloud, and then choose Sign up for New Account
  4. Create a new beta account for Studiometry Cloud
  5. Once you're done, you can then connect any other machines to your Cloud account by selecting Cloud menu > Disable Studiometry Cloud, and then choosing Cloud menu > Enable Studiometry Cloud, and selecting Connect to Existing account.


Zapier integrations will not work on the Studiometry 15 beta with the beta Cloud. 


Studiometry 15.0b1 Changes

  • Studiometry Cloud: Web-based features are now accessible on mobile phones at cloud.oranged.net! This means you can access parts of your Studiometry data from any phone, including iOS and Android phones and tablets. This is a brand new way to access your data on mobile devices, and works in conjunction with the Studiometry app on Mac/Windows as well as Studiometry Touch on iOS.
  • Studiometry Cloud: To Dos can now be viewed, created, and modified on mobile devices via the web app
  • Studiometry Cloud: Timers can now be viewed, created, and modified on mobile devices via the web app
  • Studiometry Cloud: Time Sheets can now be entered on mobile devices via the web app
  • Studiometry Cloud: If an employee password is changed on the Cloud while you're not connected, the system will check your password agains the Cloud if it doesn't match the locally saved password
  • Studiometry Cloud: Improved downloading process of databases for initial sync to be more reliable and faster
  • Studiometry Cloud: Database downloads will now show progress and update what's happening better
  • Studiometry Cloud: Greatly improved behavior when syncing a large amount of items from the Cloud. It will now split up the sync into multiple requests, and show progress during the download. This will happen if more than a few hundred items have been changed on your account since your last Cloud sync.
  • Studiometry Cloud: Changed when the server checks for company notifications to improve performance during the login process
  • Studiometry Cloud: Fixed issue in Cloud login window where the Save Password checkbox might not work for companies that require a connection to Studiometry Cloud for data access
  • Studiometry Cloud: Can now download a copy of your database directly from the Admin page
  • Studiometry Cloud: Some automated system emails will now include links to knowledge base articles with further details
  • Zapier Integration: Will now send over To Do due and end time information when syncing to Zapier
  • Performance: Greatly improved speed of selecting clients and projects in databases with a large number of Logs
  • Performance: Will now cache many calculated invoice amounts, making several lists and Client/Project selections load much faster on larger databases
  • Performance: Optimized loading time for Clients & Projects list
  • Performance: Optimized loading time for Clients view when selecting a client to expand
  • Performance: Improved scroll speed and smoothness in main list of Clients/Projects for users with large databases
  • Performance: Reduced slowdown in interface updating caused by enabling viewing option to show a Project's number of incomplete To Dos or Invoices in the main project list on large databases
  • Performance: Greatly improved performance calculating invoice amounts received, making loading various parts of the app much quicker on databases with a large amount of payments
  • Performance: Optimized loading of work list in Project Overview
  • Performance: Optimized loading time of work items in Search Window
  • Custom Summaries: Reports can now be added to Custom Summaries (filtered by All, Approved, Rejected, Awaiting Approval)
  • Custom Summaries: Purchase Orders will now only appear on custom summaries if they have a specified Vendor To
  • Custom Summaries: Can now show column labels footer at the bottom of each tier. Useful if you have a large summary and want to know what the column totals are for at the end
  • Invoices: Can now split invoice due amounts into multiple parts, called Split Stages. These can be set up to be a fixed amount, percent of the invoice total, or the remainder amount after all other Split Stages. 
  • Added several new invoice template variables to work with Invoice Split Stages: InvoiceSplitStageCurrentAmount, InvoiceSplitStageCurrentNumber, InvoiceSplitStageCurrentDueDate, InvoiceSplitStageMaxNumber, InvoiceSplitStageNumberOfMax, InvoiceSplitStageList
  • Timers: Can now write notes on timers for individual ran time intervals. So each time you start and stop the timer, you can write what you were doing for that specific period of time.
  • Timers: When using the Timer's Add Note features throughout the app, you'll now be asked if you want to add it to the current ran time or the timer's main notes field
  • Timers: Added new template variable: ItemRanTimeInfoWithNotes. Will list all ran times for a timer and include the timer's ran time notes as well
  • Timers: Added new template variable: ItemRanTimeNotes. A combined list of all ran time notes.
  • Timers: Added new template variable: ItemAllNotes. A combination of the Extra Info field and the ran time notes.
  • Timers: New Condensed View available in Timer lists. Takes up less vertical space per timer. Fits more timers. Use right-click to pause/start/stop timers in this view.
  • Timers: Can now create smart groups of Timers. These groups can have rules based on a Timer's description, tags, status, category, project, and employee.
  • Timers: Can now organize the timers list by employee, category, project, or client
  • There are now separate selectable employee permissions to create and delete Clients
  • There are now separate selectable employee permissions to create and delete Projects
  • Can set default invoice templates per Client in the Client Info window
  • Can set default invoice templates per Project in the Project Info window
  • Automated invoices will now use the Project or Client setting for default invoice templates if set
  • Can set now set the default contact to be selected on new invoices per Client, set via the Client Info window
  • Can set now set the default contact to be selected on new invoices per Project, set via the Project Info window
  • Tags are now shown in the work/expense list in the Invoice editing window
  • Tags are now shown in the work/expense list in the Report editing window
  • Specs names or contents are links or email addresses can now be clicked to go to the associated URL in the overview and in the specs lists
  • Will now show project start date and deadline in the Project Summary tab
  • Improved various other aspects to display of items on Project Summary tab
  • Exporting a log to text will now include information about linked items
  • Can print Logs directly from the log editing window
  • Can print one or more selected logs from the lists of Logs
  • Searching for Clients will now also look through their default Address and Phone info
  • Can now enable a Client's retainer from within the Payment editing window
  • Abbreviations can now have Debt/Credit types associated with them that will automatically be selected if using the abbreviation in a Debt/Credit description field
  • Duplicating Debt/Credits will clear the Has Been Paid status
  • Duplicated Debt/Credits will have their date set to today instead of the original item's date
  • Will now display the selected Default phone number in the Client overview for a contact instead of the Work phone number
  • Will now better fit the invoice attachment information into the Debt/Credit window when using different localizations
  • Updated various parts of the interface to work more consistently with newer versions of Mac and Windows operating system canvas controls
  • Archiving Projects will now also archive its To Dos. If a Project has already been archived, you can simply unarchive it and rearchive it to archive the associated To Dos
  • Fixed a but related to editing information for ran times on a Debt/Credit that has not yet been saved


Download Links - Studiometry 15.0b1

As always, please report any bugs or issues you find within this forum only.

Mac Download

Windows Download


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