Before I get started...

Just downloaded the 30-day trial and have spent the last hour or so watching the support videos. Before I really get started, I'd like some advice. I'm looking for a solution to manage a house-flipping business.

I don't really have customers, and I don't really bill anyone for anything. I purchase a property, create a bunch of to-do's and a project schedule, write an estimate, track expenses against that estimate, receive income (aka construction loan draws), monitor the project's progress against a schedule, monitor the project's profitability against the budget, etc.

I have lots of vendors and lots of PO's. My wife and I need a way to monitor/track all of this in one place - I'm currently using one app to manage shared to-do list, another app to manage project schedule, and a third app for accounting (and I don't like any of the three). My wife is going to shoot me in the face if I tell her I've switched project management apps again, but I'd rather take the time to get this right than suffer through managing my projects with inferior software.

I appreciate any tips you can give re: how to set up Studiometry for use with my kind of operation (even if the answer is, "Studiometry isn't for you"). Thanks in advance for your input.


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