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WooCommerce intergration. Brendan 1 comment 16 votes None
Where's the Brief? Justyn Walker 8 comments 15 votes Completed
Generate Production schedules Frank Walker 4 comments 13 votes Planned
Sub-project Tom Gertsen 9 comments 11 votes Completed
better UI / UX mosey levy 72 comments 9 votes Completed
PDF export for estimates and invoices Michael Barker 12 comments 9 votes Completed
Google Calendar Sync/Integration Mike Meiners 1 comment 7 votes None
android app... sean 8 comments 7 votes Not planned
How do I get debt/credit items created in Studiometry imported to my Accounts Receivable in Accounted? Thomas Dinneen 2 comments 6 votes None
Allow user selected order of Blueprints Peter Billard 4 comments 6 votes None
Customizable template for receipts Michael Nowak 9 comments 6 votes Completed
Subheadings in Project Specs Sarah 2 comments 6 votes Planned
Match all Contacts fields in Studiometry Address Book Gavin JG Lawrie 2 comments 5 votes None
To Do and GTD - functionality Tyler Smith 3 comments 5 votes Planned
Invoice Template Designer Improvements Christoph Polus 7 comments 5 votes None
Create a way to "hide" Invoiced and Paid items in the Work list for Projects Jennifer Smith 5 comments 5 votes Completed
Exporting reports to Excel? Jonnymrp 4 comments 5 votes None
Specs for clients (as well as projects) Craig Harman 4 comments 5 votes Completed
Studiometry & Lion OS N.B. 15 comments 5 votes None
Automatic nag/reminder emails for overdue invoices Jordan Memari 0 comments 5 votes None
more robust specs field - and specs for contacts as well mosey levy 4 comments 5 votes Completed
Merge work items on an invoice Andrew 2 comments 5 votes Completed
Customizable view for Contact Information Michael Barker 1 comment 5 votes Completed
Employee Cost-Rates Oranged Support 5 comments 5 votes Completed
When creating new child project, only live projects should show in parent selection dropdown John 1 comment 4 votes None
Sub-tasks / sub-to dos Robert Evans 1 comment 4 votes Completed
Ability to Choose Client Tax Behavior Peter Billard 2 comments 4 votes Planned
Alphabetizing Payees Annie 0 comments 4 votes Planned
TODAY button next to date selector in ALL areas Allcomputersystems 1 comment 4 votes Completed
Problems with font when send PDF with Mac Mail. Stevie Cripps 9 comments 4 votes None