Set up hourly rates

We've got a great training video for Categories & Rates. Watch it to learn all about setting up your rate types.


Studiometry can track default rates for each type of work you or your company performs. This can be useful to charge different rates for different tasks, or charge based on employee.


Creating Your Customized Rates


In the Categories Section of the Preferences Window, you can modify the Debt/Credit Types.

Each type can have a name, default rate/amount, default taxes, and other options.




These types can be selected when creating a new Debt/Credit, or set as a default type for a Project, Client, or Employee.


Assigning Default Rates To Employees

You can assign specific rates to each employee if, for example, one of your employees always does "Design Layout" work. This rate and type will automatically be selected when the employee creates a new timer or item. To assign a custom rate to an employee, go into the Preferences Window > Employees section, double-click an employee, and then select the desired rate from the Default Timer popup:


Assigning Default Rates to Projects or Clients

You can also choose specific rates for each project or client. Studiometry will use this if the current employee does not have a default timer already associated with their account. To set a default timer for a project, select the project in the main window, go to the Settings tab, and choose the desired rate from the Default Timer popup:


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