I received an email saying "Employee Number Reduced"

Studiometry Cloud will periodically check your account to ensure that the number of active employees in your database does not exceed the number of employees set on the account. There are various checks in place to prevent this, but occasionally it can happen.

If the system finds that you have more active employees than are allowed on your account, it will attempt to deactivate employees until the number of live employees in the database matches the number of employees set on your account plan.

If the system deactivates an employee that you want to keep as live, you can easily change the list of active employees. To do so:

  1. Go to https://cloud.oranged.net
  2. Click Admin Login and log in with your admin email and password. If you're having issues logging in, please see the Studiometry Cloud Login Types knowledge base article.
  3. Once you're logged in, under the Employees section, double-click on any "Live" employee that you no longer want to have set as Live. In the window that appears, uncheck "Live Employee" and then press OK
  4. Once you've deactivated enough employees, you can then go through and reactivate the employees you want to have set as Live by double-clicking on them, checking the Live Employee box, and pressing OK.

Some users may have one or more Admin employees in their list. There is a current issue where when a machine first syncs to Studiometry Cloud with successful authentication, it could sync the information from the local database to the Cloud database. In that case, the user information that was set up on the desktop database will merge and could cause this issue.

Simply go into your account using the steps listed above and deactivate any of those employees that you are not using.

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