Studiometry Cloud: File Sharing

Studiometry Cloud gives you the ability to upload, store, and share files with your team. Files can be uploaded and manage directly from within Studiometry, or added via Forms entered on your desktop or the web.

Files can be linked to and directly accessed from your:

  • Clients
  • Projects
  • Forms


How to Use

If you have a Studiometry Cloud account and Studiometry 12.6 or newer installed, you've already got File Sharing set up! If you aren't using Studiometry Cloud, you should sign up to get access to this and many other great features!


To share a file, simply select any Client or Project in the main window, click on the Overview dropdown at the top of the window, and select Files.

From there you'll see the Files list. You can add a file by clicking the Plus (+) button beneath the list, or by dragging-and-dropping a file into the list. Studiometry will upload the file to your Studiometry Cloud account where other employees with the proper permissions can access it.


There is no maximum storage capacity for your Studiometry Cloud File Sharing account. However, there is a per-file size limit, which is based on the add-on plan you select. The lowest level, Free, is included with all Studiometry Cloud accounts.

If you want to upload larger files, you can log in to your Studiometry Cloud account Admin page, click Manage Plan, and then select an upgraded File Sharing option. The current plan options are as follows:

Free Small Medium Large

0.5 MB

2 MB
6 MB
15 MB



Using with Forms

Forms now have the ability to accept attached files. These attached files will be added to your Studiometry Cloud File Sharing, and linked to the Form, Client, and Project. 

This gives you the ability to easily accept and organize files directly from your Clients using the Client Form Entry capabilities of Studiometry Cloud. 

To start accepting Files in your Forms, simply edit any of your form templates (learn about that here) and click the Add Field: File button to add a file attachment field. Whenever this Form is entered, a file can be attached to be viewed with the rest of the Form content.

Once the form is submitted, the file will be stored with the rest of the associated files, and you can easily see the link back to the associated items.


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    THANK YOU! We've been waiting for this since we moved to Cloud.

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    Robert Rabner

    just to clarify. The new feature of linking files to a client and not just a project is only available to cloud subscribers and not to "non cloud" (or whatever you're calling us) customers, correct?

    Edited by Robert Rabner
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    Oranged Support

    Hi Robert,

    Yes, this is for Studiometry Cloud users only. This is because the files are hosted on Studiometry Cloud, as is the ability to enter forms via the web. It all needs a permanent web presence, which is what Studiometry Cloud provides. 

    We are regularly adding Cloud-only features because of the cool new things we can do with the platform and the web presence, but this doesn't mean in any way that we are going to force our users to transition to the Cloud model from the "traditional" license/upgrade model. 

    Studiometry Cloud is just an optional way of using Studiometry, and we plan on taking advantage of the new features and ways that we can improve Studiometry with the new platform.

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    Robert Rabner

    Perhaps you could consider throwing a bone to the traditional Studiometry users and extending the file linking functionality beyond just projects to Clients. I've made this request several times over the years, and seeing it now available "cloud only" is a little discouraging.

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